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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Trade with Dennis

Dennis and I met up at the University of Michigan youth day a few weekends back for a quick in person trade.  Real quick for me because I only had 1 card for him while he brought me a whole Walmart bag full of stuff.  The majority of it were Cubs cards for my son but also some cards from me.  To see the awesome Michigan card he sent me, check it out over at “Too Many Manninghams”.  But I’ll show you some of the other goodies he sent me.


All of these are new Frank Thomas cards for the White Sox Collection.  And one Jim Thome card in there as well if you can find it.  I have a crap load of Frank Thomas cards so for him to hit this many that I didn’t is pretty impressive.


He sent me some Indianapolis Colts cards, which I don’t collect anymore but I do have a nephew who just got into football cards recently so I’ll give them those, minus the Peyton Manning cards above because those go to the Peyton Manning Collection.

Like I said above, you need to go check out “Too Many Manninghams” to see the big hit of the usual lopsided trade.

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