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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Trade with Uncle Moe

Moe over at “My 2008 Topps Set Blog” sent over some cards in exchange for some cards I had sent him.  I think he claimed some when I did my giveaway a few months ago but I’m not positive.  I know I had sent him some Arizona Diamondbacks for him.  But let’s get to what he sent me.


Some cards from 2000 and beyond.


Some cards from the 1990’s.


Some cards from the 1980’s.  I don’t think I have any 1986 mini’s.  And I love getting the 80’s cards because I don’t really have very many.  Which is why I liked to see the following cards as well.


All these 80’s cards were new to the collection.  I had a number of 1981 cards since I’m building that set slowly but all the ones above are new.  I didn’t have any 1982 Fleer yet and that set brings back all kinds of memories.  Loved seeing those.  And believe it or not, I only had a few of the 1987 Fleer cards so all the ones above are new as well.  Great job hitting the 80’s team sets Moe.  Greatly appreciated those.


He even managed to hit my Paul Konerko Collection with these 3 cards.  I like the look to the Fleer at the bottom.  And if you know Moe, you know he also collects Luis Aparicio.  So I was pleased to see these as well.


All new to the Luis Aparicio Collection.  I really like the fan favorites, you know, because it looks like vintage. 

And if all those weren’t enough, he slipped in a relic card.


And a relic card of a huge part of the World Series Champions in 2005.  I’ve always liked Joe Crede and hated that he had so many back issues.  I even liked him when he went to the Minnesota Twins if that says anything.

Thanks again for all the great cards.  Be sure to check out “My 2008 Topps Set Blog” where he is trying to get every card from 2008 Topps autographed.  Personally I enjoy the Aparicio posts more.

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  1. Glad there was some stuff there you didn't have. I'm still trying to thin out some of the 70s & 80s stuff I don't need. I'll keep pulling the Sox for you.

    Oh and the Lil Luis posts are my favorite too.