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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Player collections from COMC

Yesterday, we went through my White Sox collection pick-ups from the Black Friday sale on COMC.  Today, we’ll do the player collections.  I mainly concentrated on the Billy Williams collection but I also picked up a couple for the Luis Aparicio collection.


  • Top row: 1972 Topps, 1965 Topps embossed
  • Middle row – 1975 Topps mini, 1976 TCMA
  • Bottom row – 1969 Globe Imports

The 1972 Topps gives me all his base cards from the 1970’s.  I still need his 1962 and 1966 to give me all the base cards from his playing days.  I’ve been eyeballing the 1965 Topps embossed for awhile, I had that one when I was a kid and always thought it was the coolest thing.  The 1975 Topps mini will go to the Vintage collection because I didn’t check my have lists and I already had it.  I had never seen the 1976 TCMA before and I had never heard of the 1969 Globe Imports card.  When I pulled that out of the package, I thought I was duped because for one, it’s very small.  Secondly, it almost looks like a black and white copy on a little thicker printer paper.  But after Googling the set, I guess it’s legit, just odd.  I picked up those 5 cards for $4.40 – $.50 = $3.90.


  • Top row:  1982 TCMA, 1985 Circle K, 1986 Sports Design
  • Bottom row:  1987 Donruss highlights, 1987 HyGrade, 1989 Swell

I picked up the above 6 for $2.30 – $.60 = $1.70.  All from the 1980’s, I had never seen the 1986 Sports Design or the 1989 Swell card before so those were new to me.


  • Top row:  1995 Jimmy Dean, 1991 MDA All-Stars, 1991 Swell
  • Bottom row:  1991 Kellog’s 3D, 1992 Action Packed

I picked up these 5 oddball cards from the 1990’s for $2.79 – $.50 = $2.29.  I believe all of these are new to my visual cortex.  Or I’ve never seen them before.  That’s all the cards that I got for the Billy Williams collection.

comc05     comc06

I picked up this 1972 Topps and the 1974 Topps Stamp of Luis Aparicio for $.90/each – $.20 = $1.60.  I was happy with the 1972 Topps because I only have 6 of his base cards from his playing days.  He played 17 years but I haven’t researched how many base cards he had through that time.  But I’m pretty sure it’s more than 6.

I think I did pretty well for my first purchase from COMC.  27 cards for $17.68 – $2.70 = $14.98 total shipped.


  1. Fifty-five cents a card in the end - not too bad for some great pickups.