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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Vintage Collection–early 80’s

I’ve had some vintage that I’ve had to post for awhile and I’ve been spending all my time getting caught up on the 1981 Topps set and the 1973 Topps set.  So I guess technically, I was still doing vintage posts.  Anyways, let’s get to these.


Picked this up in a Texas Rangers lot along with the cards from the 1986 Topps set on my last vintage post.


Because I bought these so long ago, I don’t have the records anymore of how much I paid for these cards.  But my max bid on 1982 Topps is $.29.  That’s a pretty good 3 cards, a 1st ballot Hall of Famer and two probably Hall of Fame managers.  1 of those a rookie card.  Not too shabby.

vintage-1982donruss03     vintage-1982donruss02

If I remember right, I won the Johnny Bench for $.11 and the Tom Seaver came in a trade but I already had it in the Tom Seaver Collection.  Again, 2 Hall of Famers for cheap.  I guess there was one good thing about the 1980’s cards.


I got a funny story on this card.  I won it for a minimum bid of $.10 but when I went to pay, it had an additional $.50 charge for shipping.  As you all know, I only look at free shipping listings so I went back and looked at the listing, sure enough, free shipping.  So I contacted the buyer and said as soon as she sends a new invoice without the shipping fee that I would pay it.  At this point I just assumed she got some of her listings mixed up.  Then I got her response that she charged the $.50 because she can’t continually ship cards out that sold for less than the cost of a stamp so she charged me $.50 but told me not to worry about it, don’t even pay for the card and she will just send it to me free.  And she did.  I didn’t even bother to respond but I debated on it.  It would have said, maybe you should either charge shipping or start your minimum bid high enough to cover the stamp.  I noticed in her next listings she said if it went for less than $.50 that there would be a shipping charge.  Needless to say, I never bought from her again.  And I’ve noticed, she no longer charges again.


I got both of these from my cousin, like the Tom Seaver card further above, I already had them in my PC.


Out of these 2 cards, which one cost more?  Wrong.  I got the Fred Lynn for $.11 and the Steve Kemp for $.18.  I don’t know how that happened but it did.


I’m not sure how much I got these for but I believe they were $.50 each.  As well as the following card.


I’m not going to keep amounts that I’ve paid, I’m not sure I’ll really want to know.  Plus it’s just more that I have to keep track of and I have enough issues keeping all my records.  But I will keep totals of how many cards I have from each set.

1960 Fleer - 1                           1966 Topps - 67
1960 Topps - 2                          1968 Topps - 1
1964 Topps - 1                          1969 Topps - 1
1965 Topps - 1

1970 Topps - 2                          1975 Topps - 8
1971 Topps - 45                         1976 Topps - 130
1972 Topps - 10                         1977 Topps - 15
1973 Topps - 314                       1978 Topps - 37
1974 Topps - 59                         1979 Topps - 14

1980 Topps - 8
1981 Donruss – 1                       1981 Fleer - 1                    1981 Topps - 505
1982 Donruss – 13                     1982 Topps - 7
1983 Fleer - 3                            1983 Topps - 1
1984 Topps - 1
1985 Topps - 15
1986 Donruss - 1                       1986 Topps - 29
1987 Donruss - 3                       1987 Fleer – 1                    1987 Topps – 65


  1. Two of the Seaver cards were taken in Wrigley Field. I especially like the one with the scoreboard behind him, And Miguel Dilone had the kind of speed that the Cubs didn't have again until Tony Campana came around in the last couple of years. He went on to Cleveland and had a pretty good run (no pun intended), as I recall.

    Thanks for sharing the cards. All the best to you.