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Saturday, December 15, 2012


I’m stealing something I do on my Random blog, a post of Randomness.  It makes it easier than throwing out a bunch of small posts.

I haven’t really been around, personally, on this blog in awhile.  I’ve been churning out posts with lots of cards but not much personality behind them.  I still have a 3 1973 Topps posts and 12 1981 Topps posts until I’m caught up on those.  And going through my drafts, I only have one more vintage post left because apparently, Windows Live Writer lost my early 1970’s post and I’ve already deleted the pictures off my computer.  I’ll just tell you, the majority of that post were 1971 cards that I got at $.50 each.  Since it lost my pictures, you get a picture of a 1971 Topps box above.

Jeff Laws (jccsst1022) on Twitter(1)

I also wanted to update you on my Twitter account.  The old Twitter account that you all followed me on (above pic) has been changed to the new one.  The first one you followed was my personal account that my family and friends also follow.  I decided to start a sports one so my family and friends didn’t have to deal with all the sports tweets from this blog and My Sports Obsession Tumblr account.  I don’t care if you follow the original one, I still use it for my Instagram pics, My Random Thoughts from a Random Guy blog and A Day In The Life Of A Nobody as well as personal tweets but you may want to follow the new Twitter account to get in on all the sports related tweets (picture below).  So click on the pic above for my personal Twitter and the below pic for the Sports Twitter.

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Andrew Luck

I made it to the playoffs on both my Fantasy Football leagues and lost both of them in the first round.  I barely squeaked in both leagues so that didn’t really surprise me.  The league I run, I ended up ditching my frozen player (Philip Rivers) and started Andrew Luck about 3 or 4 weeks in.  But it still took me a 5 straight win finish to get into the playofffs.  If I had to guess right now, I’ll be freezing Andrew Luck for next year.  Would have been nice to actually win some money since it’s my league though.

I’ve had a few requests for trades in the last few weeks that I’ve had to turn down.  If you remember my resolution at the beginning of this year, I was going to tone down my purchases and only buy stuff specifically for my collections.  I’ve done a great job on that, I haven’t bought any packs all year.  But what it does do is make my trading material minimal.  So I don’t have any extra cards to trade out.  I do still trade a little, I sent a box of White Sox cards to “2 by 3 Heroes” which wasn’t technically a trade box, but he has reciprocated with a couple of packages back, so I guess it was a trade.  And I also have a standing trade with Dennis over at “Too Many Verlanders” and “Too Many Manninghams” because we just swap whenever we get cards for each other.  And I pick up cards for him while shopping for myself because we both collect Wolverines.  But like I said, I just don’t have any cards to trade with anymore.

My Pictures

I guess that’s all I got, hopefully I haven’t ran all of you off.  But definitely go sign up with the new Twitter so I can follow you all as well.

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  1. That last box I sent you needs to turn up. I remembered what was in it - Topps cards from 81-87. Frigging PO.