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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

2 by 3 Heroes is my hero, part trey

Part 1Part 2

The last couple of days you’ve seen the PC collection cards and the beginning of the vintage cards.  Today, we’ll conclude the vintage collection cards that Jeff from “2 by 3 Heroes” sent me.


1981 (6 cards) – I had actually scanned these 2 separate because I’ve been trying to complete the 1981 Topps set and planned on posting it separate but even when I finish the 2 sets I’ve been trying to complete, ultimately, they are apart of the vintage collection.


1980 (5 cards) – I really wish Topps would bring back the team cards.  I always enjoyed those.  This is the first year that I actually truly consider vintage.


1979 (3 cards) – I really didn’t expect to get any cards from the early 80’s or especially the 70’s when Jeff told me he was sending card from his repack purchases.  This isn’t even all of them yet.


1978 (9 cards) – I always liked this set.  I think it’s the cursive writing in the team name.


1977 (5 cards) – Still getting 70’s cards.  This just shows what a great package Jeff sent me.


1976 (1 card) – Last but not least, an ugly 1976 Topps.  Yeah, never really liked this set.  I think if they made the colors at the bottom at least be close to the team colors it would have been better.  Orioles – Orange, yes.  Green – not even close.

That’s all folks!  An awesome box of cards from a fellow White Sox fan.  Be sure to check out “2 by 3 Heroes” for his regular features like Throwback Thursdays where he shows cards with vintage uniforms.

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  1. Think of all the room it made in my box for....um.....er....