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Monday, October 21, 2013

2 by 3 Heroes is my hero, part deux

Yesterday, you saw the 3 cards that go into my team and player collections.  Today you get to see some of the vintage for the vintage collection.  The really nice thing with receiving these cards is it forced me to finally finish my have list.  So you can click the tab above or right here to check it out.  But you’re here for the cards anyways so let’s get to those.  For those that don’t know, my vintage collection starts with 1987 because that was the last year that I collected as a kid.


1987 (3 cards) – Loved getting the Keith Hernandez Donruss card as I was a New York Mets fan as a kid.  Plus 2 more Topps cards which I have the most card of (other than 1981 Topps and 1973 Topps which I’m trying to complete the sets).


1986 (31 cards) – Nothing special here but that’s because it’s the 1986 set, there is nothing special about it.  But I do like this set, I probably had gotten it just by buying packs growing up, I had a ton of them.


1985 (11 cards) – Another set (Topps) that I had a bunch of growing up.  Probably the first year that I really started collecting.  I had a pretty good collection of Donruss too but not much Fleer.  Kind of like my vintage collection now.


1984 (25 cards) – I just love going through these 80’s sets, so many childhood memories.  I remember trying to get the Topps cards, I didn’t hardly have any Donruss or Fleer.


1983 (18 cards) – I was surprised to see this many 1983 Topps cards and it pretty much doubled that collection.  That was even my first Donruss card.


1982 (4 cards) – The first year that I collected from start to finish.  I believe Night Owl nicknames this the hockey stick set and while I never actually called it that, I did think the stripes on the left were hockey sticks, even as a kid.

That’s all I’m showing you today so you’ll have to come back tomorrow and see the rest of the vintage that Jeff from “2 by 3 Heroes” sent me.

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  1. And all from those 100 card $5 rack packs. Though - I picked on up today while I was out. A LOT of wood border in the 100 cards. At least 30-35%. :(