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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cheaper than stamps #1

What started out as spending my ebay bucks has turned into purchasing cards again.  I’ve gone back to my cheap ebay purchases.  I have a search set up for each of my player collections.  Each search has the settings for free shipping and a range of up to $.30.  Told you it was cheap, but I have a couple of player collections that have very few cards so I thought this would be a way to boost those collections.  I also search for my vintage collection under the same guidelines.  One day I’ll search for Topps, one year at a time.  The next day I’ll do Fleer, the next Donruss, then the next I go back to Topps and repeat.  Let’s take a look at the couple I got in the mail (and scanned) so far.
Gary Carter – 1990 Fleer
I was happy to get this card mainly because it’s a Gary Carter card.  This would be one of the player collections that I don’t have very many cards for.  This was only my 7th card in the Gary Carter collection.  I paid a total of $.21 for this card.  That’s right, it cost the seller more to ship the card to me, then I paid for it.  I should probably feel bad, but I really don’t.
Cal Ripken jr – 1995 Pinnacle Swing Men
I really didn’t expect to win this card but shockingly enough I’ve actually won quite a few Ripken cards on the cheap.  This is the only one I have on hand at the moment.  This is my 8th Ripken card.  I paid $.30
So those are the first 2 cards.  I have 3 more on hand but I haven’t scanned them yet and I have many more on their way.


  1. I just won an Adam Eaton card for six cents shipped. I really don't get their business plan. Dude lost forty plus cents just to send it to me.

    1. I don't get it either. They must just want to get rid of their cards and don't care about the money.

  2. I've been doing the same thing recently and have a stack to post, probably in groups.