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Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I was asked to plug an auction site and after checking it out, It’s definitely something I would like to help out.  After checking out mgoauction.com and reading what the funds were going for, I was all in.

Mgoauction raises money for 3 scholarships for the University of Michigan.  The Bernard “Pat” Maloy Cancer Scholarship, the Shelly Kovacs Scholarship and the KAS Governor’s Scholarships.  While I’m all for raising money for all 3 scholarships, the first one hits home with me.  I lost my father to cancer in 1981 which I’ve spoken about here.  But my sister-in-law battled breast cancer and while she beat it, she has some lasting effects from the chemo and radiation.  My grandfather has also battled cancer a few times and it has taken a toll on his as well.  There is also a classmate of mine and a friend from work all battling it as well.

Not to mention I’m always up for helping out some kids go to a better school, and what better school is there than the University of Michigan?  But the nice thing about this donation, you get something in return.  Check out the banner below to see just a small portion of items on the site.

Pat Maloy Flyer.7.24

That’s right, you can go and purchase autographed memorabilia or photos and help the kids out.  Get autographs from NFL players such as Ben Roethlisberger, Clay Matthews, Calvin Johnson, Mike Ditka, or Steven Jackson.  MLB players such as Matt Sherzer, Prince Fielder, Miguel Cabrera and Torii Hunter.  Or NBA players such as Bob Lanier, Chris Mullin and Dwight Howard.  All those professional players have autographed memorabilia listed and that doesn’t include all the Michigan alumni who have autographs listed.  Such as Michael Phelps, Barry Larkin, Chris Getz, Jim Abbott, Rich Hill, Zach Novak, Gary Grant, Jalen Rose, Juwon Howard, Will Campbell, Anthony Thomas, Anthony Carter, Brandon Graham, Braylon Edwards, Chad Henne, Brian Griese, Jake Long, Charles Woodson, Chris Perry, Dan Dierdorf, David Molk, David Terrell, Denard Robinson, Desmond Howard, Elvis Grbak, Jeff Backus, Jason Avant, Jim Harbaugh, John Navarre, LaMarr Woodley, Les Miles, Lloyd Carr, Mario Manningham, Marlin Jackson, Mike Hart, Mike Martin, Roy Roundtree, Steve Breaston, Tai Streets, Tshimanga Baikabutuka and Tyrone Wheatley.

Even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, they have a $10 M bin, a $5 M bin and even a $1 M bin.  So please go and purchase something to help with scholarships to the University of Michigan

Even if your not a Michigan fan, I am, so feel free to buy me anything on the site and I’ll send you my address.

Click on the banner in the middle of this post, or go to mgoauction.com and check out the merchandise.  I will also leave a banner over to the right side if you ever forget where to go, just come over here and I’ll lead the way.  But hurry, because some of the auctions are ending soon.

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  1. I think for plugging the thing we should each get something free. I'm thinking the Rich Hill ball for me and the Getz one for you.