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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cheaper Than Stamps #32

This is a series where I show off cards I need for my PC’s that I pick up on Ebay or COMC for cheaper than a stamp.  My maximum I spend on these cards is actually $.30 so I get them quite a bit cheaper than a stamp.


1984 Donruss – Bob Gibson #246

Picked this up for $.10 so another virtual dime box pick up.  Not the Bob Gibson that you like to see but I still need the card.


1984 Fleer – Kurt Bevacqua #294, Bob Watson #193

Got both of these for $.15 each.  I can’t see Bevacqua without thinking about his card where he’s blowing a bubble.  I believe it is in the 1973 Topps set.


1984 Fleer – Jerry Dybzinski #57, Jorge Bell #148

This was another scanning mistake.  The Jerry Dybzinski goes into the White Sox collection but I didn’t realize it until I got to my 2nd step after scanning.  I picked up both of these cards for $.15 each as well.  All 4 of the 1984 Fleer came from the same seller.


1983 Topps – Robin Yount (all-star) #389

I got this bad boy for $.25.  I don’t mind paying a quarter for 1983 and older so it worked out.  Oh yeah, it’s Robin Yount too.


1982 Donruss – Ron Guidry (diamond king) #17, Bob Brenly #574

I thought I switched the prices on these cards but apparently not.  I picked up the Guidry diamond king for $.10 and the Brenly for $.25.

That’s it for the 1980’s, next up will be the 1970’s which I only picked up 1 card for so I’ll combine it with the 1960’s which I managed to pick up 5 cards for.


  1. I can't see Kurt Bevacqua without thinking of Senifeld's gym teacher Mr. Bevilacqua. I liked Bob Brenly as the Cubs TV color man but that guy looked old on his rookie card!

  2. The Bevacqua bubble blowing card is actually in the 1976 Topps set. I only know that because it is my favorite card from my birth year set.