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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cheaper Than Stamps #33

This is a series where I show off cards I need for my PC’s that I pick up on Ebay or COMC for cheaper than a stamp.  My maximum I spend on these cards is actually $.30 so I get them quite a bit cheaper than a stamp.


1976 Topps – Steve Swisher #173

Picked up this card of Nick’s dad (I think) for $.29.  1976 is the set from the 1970’s that I have the most cards (other than 1973 Topps, which I’ve been collecting a lot longer).


1963 Topps – Jerry Zimmerman #186, Bubba Phillips #117

I picked up the Zimmerman for $.30 and the Phillips for $.25.  Now I might be a little more picky if the Phillips was from the 80’s with that cut, but not from the 60’s and certainly not for a quarter.


1961 Topps – Earl Torgeson #152, Johnny Kucks #94

This was another scanner blunder on my part.  The Torgeson actually goes to my White Sox collection as I don’t have it there yet.  Either way, I still picked it up for $.25 and the Kucks for $.30


1960 Topps – Danny McDevitt #333

I even managed to pick up another 1960 card on the cheap.  Got this card for $.30.  It’s another one that’s miscut a bit but I don’t mind.

That’s all for the vintage collection so we will be heading back to the player collection soon.

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