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Saturday, January 25, 2014

New project

I’m working on a project so I may disappear from here for a bit.  I’ll still do my “This Week on MSO” post on Sunday, but it may be into next week before I post again.

What’s the project?  I’m combining all my sports blogs and pinterest boards on to 1 blog, only it will all be photos.  The only words on each post will be the link to the original post on the original blog.  So it will be filled with all the scans of cards from this blog, and all my vintage and current sports pictures from my tumblr blog, all my scans and pictures that I posted on Dennis’ Michigan blog and from a few of my Pinterest boards, all on 1 blog.  Every player (that I know) and every team will be tagged so you can search by player or team in the search box or browse through the thousands of tags at the bottom of it (like this blog is).

It’s quite a project because it only let’s me post 49 posts in a day and I have crap load to post.  I’ve been working on it for about a week, starting with my oldest posts (3/29/2011) and so far, I’ve made it to 2/12/2012) and I haven’t even started adding my Pinterest boards yet because I didn’t start that until some time in 2013.

Once I get a little further on that blog, I’ll post the links so you can check it out.  It may never even be used but I felt a need to do it.  I think it will be an awesome source for us sports bloggers and being as I don’t own any of the pictures (other than the scans of my cards) you all can feel free to use them as well.  (I do post the source if I know it.)

Here are the blogs and boards that will be added to that blog.

Here’s an example of a post from the new blog, these were copied from My Sports Obsession Tumblr that were posted on 2/9/12,

download (1)

Pics aren’t blurry on the actual post but I had to enlarge it so you could see the whole page.

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