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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Wednesday shocker

I actually came home to envelopes today, on a Wednesday, I was shocked. Even better than 2 envelopes was the 5 cards inside. One envelope had 4 of them while the other only had 1. I even got a couple of great oddball cards.

2008 Topps Heritage
I picked this one up for the White Sox collection, it didn't look familiar so I assumed I didn't have it. I'll find out for sure in the next 10 years when I finally get all my cards logged in. I picked this one up for $.16/shipped.

1991 Leaf Studio
I picked this, not too flashy card of Barry Larkin up as well for $.30/shipped. I'm closing in on 100 different card of Barry but not quite there yet.

1990 Collect-A-Books
Now we'll start with the oddball cards. I picked up this card/book of Jim Abbott for $.27/shipped. I'm only 3/4 of the way to 100 cards for Abbott but I'm slowly getting there.

Does anyone (except Dennis) know what the top 3 have in common? Although, I probably gave it away by telling Dennis not to answer. The top 3 cards here are all former Michigan Wolverine players. 2 of the 3 played for the White Sox (Richard (obviously) and Abbott) and the other is a Hall of Famer (I shouldn't have to tell you which one.)

1988 Topps Rite Aid
I grabbed this card for $.45/shipped. It's one from a set that I'm not sure I've ever seen before but it is the 80's and they pumped out oddball sets like nobody's business.

1987 Ralston Purina
Remember the good old days where you could get cards all over the place. I used to buy all kinds of stuff I never ate because they had cards in them. I got this one for $.25/shipped, not bad for a quarter box find.

Not a bad day, 3 Wolverines, and 3 HOF'ers, all brought to you for less then $1.50

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