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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tuesday's mail day

I came home after work yesterday and worked on replacing the radiator in my car. I should say I watched mostly as my stepdad did all the work. We eventually got it in and running but I didn't have time to post the cards I received, which is a bunch. This morning, I got up and went to back out of the garage and I had no power steering. So I took my wife's car to work and when I came home, my stepdad came back over and we had to replace a belt, which was a pain in the ass, but it's done.

I did receive another card in the mail today, only it's one I didn't order. So I sent an email to who I think sent it to me, I won a 1993 Leaf and received a 1992 Leaf so I assumed it was from him. I also had to open 5 requests on cards I haven't received in over a month and had to send a message to another seller who is trying to invoice me $50.00 for shipping on a 7 card lot. I checked his feedback and he has 4 negative. All of them were lots he tried to charge shipping on after they sold cheaply so I'm guessing I won't see those.

It hasn't been a good day. Let's get to some cards, that might cheer me up.

1985 Topps
1987 Topps
I picked up both of these cards for the Vintage collection. I picked up the Scherrer for $.12/shipped/ and the Brookens for $.07/shipped.

2005 Topps Updates & Highlights
I picked up another Mark Buehrle for that collection. I grabbed this for $.42/shipped. I like that all 3 ERA leaders that year from the AL Central. World Series winner too, I wonder who that could have been.

1985 Leaf
1985 Fleer
Picked up 2 more Steve Carlton's, both from 1985. I ran across a seller that had a few of these Leaf cards for sell, you'll see a few in this post. I got this one for $.43/shipped. I also got the Fleer for $.30/shipped.

1985 Topps
1985 Leaf
2 more of Gary Carter as well, also both from 1985, also another Leaf. I got the Topps for $.30/shipped and the Leaf for $.40/shipped.

1985 Leaf
1986 Topps All-Star Glossy
2 more for the Fisk collection as well, you also might think I only picked up 2 for each collection. The last of the Leaf from 1985 and this one came for $.48/shipped. The 1986 Glossy came to me for $.38/shipped.

1998 Pinnacle
1998 Topps Rookie Class
1998 Upper Deck Rookie Edition Preview
Picked up all 3 of these Konerko's from the same seller. These 3 cards put my Konerko collection at over 400 different cards. Oddly enough, they were all listed as singles but I won all 3 for the same amount, $.38/shipped.

1991 Leaf Studio
1993 Fleer Ultra
1995 Leaf 
1992 Leaf Preview
4 more Ripken's as well. I picked up the Studio for $.44/shipped, the Ultra $.54/shipped, the 1995 Leaf for $.27/shipped and the Leaf preview for $.44/shipped. I googled the 1992 Leaf Ripken card to see if it was a different photo and it is from the exact same play but about a second later.

2013 Bowman Chrome Draft Pick Autographs
I also managed to get this rookie auto of Tyler Danish, he is currently in the minor but he did make his major league debut this year. I'm not positive but I think he got called up to cover for a bit because of injuries before being called back down. I picked this card up for $3.63/shipped.

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