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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Playing catch-up

I didn't disappear this time, I swear. I didn't get any cards on Thursday and if you have followed this blog for awhile then you know that the family goes camping on Father's Day weekend so Friday after work we took off and didn't come back until Monday. So I have lots of days and lots of cards to make up so this will be a picture heavy post. I'll keep the pics smaller as to not suck up all your time waiting on them to load.

I don't know what days everything came in so I'm just going to post everything I got from Friday thru Monday. If you remember last week, I had said something about all the vintage cards I had bidded on, well they started showing up this week.

Like I said, I got lots for the vintage collection. I did manage a few player collections pick-ups as well.

I got a couple of more Jordan's and I actually ran across another Chris Getz.

That was everything I received while I was gone, but I hadn't posted a couple of days since then, so here's what I got on Tuesday and today.

Again, lots of Vintage and yep, a few more for the player collections.

Both 2005 UD Classics from the same seller, both Hall of Famers, but wait, there's 1 more.

I can't believe I got an Aparicio game used bat for only $3.82/shipped. That's a great way to finish a catch-up post from the weekend.

Everything should all be back to normal tomorrow now that these 63 cards are out of the way, now I just have to get caught up on the other blogs.

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