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Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday Mail Day

Came home from work and the wife and I sat on the back deck and chilled for awhile. The temperature was cooling down with a possible storm coming in so we were enjoying the weather. We started to get a few drops of rain so we headed in and of course, it never rained other than those few drops. It's been so freaking dry around here we really could have used the rain.

When I came and headed for the recliner, I found 3 envelopes and I dug into them without looking at them. The first 2 had cards, the 3rd was junk mail, I think my wife was screwing with me because she usually throws those away. I told you she gets jealous that I get cards in the mail while she gets the bills. Let's take a look at todays PC additions.

1990 Leaf
 Grabbed this card of the Kid during his San Francisco Giants days where he was only for a year. This is only the 3rd card I have of him with the Giants and it just doesn't look right. I can't see him anywhere but New York or Montreal. Yes, I know he played in LA as well, but that doesn't go either. I only paid $.20/shipped for this card

1998 Upper Deck UD3 the Establishment
I grabbed this Ripken for $.54 shipped which is pretty good, in my opinion. I don't see these UD3 cards listed all that often. I have seen them before because I have some Konerko's from the set but this is my first Ripken, and it's an insert (I think).

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  1. I get that same grief from my significant other when it comes to mail - mines all super fun baseball cards, hers is all credit card offers, vet notifications and catalogues. I guess I'd be a bit perturbed too.