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Sunday, July 16, 2017

This weeks additions

I've been lazy this week and haven't been posting what I got in the mail. It's been a lazy week and I really don't have an excuse but I'll sum up my cards all in this post.

I picked up these 2 cards from the same seller for $.25/shipped and $.23/shipped. These both go to the Vintage Collection and they put the 1979 set at 316 cards.

All 4 of these came from the same seller. I also picked these up for the same price as the 1979's. 2 of them for $.25/shipped and 2 of them for $.23/shipped. These 4 cards put the 1978 set at 150 cards and all of the 6 cards make it 254 cards picked up for that collection.

No, it's not a 1992 Topps. It's a 2010 reprint of the 1992 topps, it's from the insert set Cards Your Mom Threw Out but it's a Ripken I didn't have. This makes 335 cards for that collection and it also makes 25 cards picked up this year.

I picked up this autograph of Jacob May in a lot of 2 cards. The other was an autograph of Jose Ramirez of the Yankees from the same set. I only paid $2.76/shipped for the lot which all goes towards this card because I have no need for the other. This is my 200th pick up for the White Sox Collection this year.

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