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Sunday, July 23, 2017

This week's additions

I slacked again and didn't get around to posting on the days I received something. I did only have 2 days where I got envelopes in the mail but 1 envelope had 27 cards in it. He had a bunch of vintage listed and I managed to pull away with some.

I won these 4 from the 1980 set for $.25/shipped, $.25/shipped, $.22/shipped and $.18/shipped. These 4 cards put that set at 164 cards.

I picked up these 13 cards from the 1979 set. They were all a quarter or less shipped. A few of those were a dime cheaper than that. All of these put that set at 329 cards.

Only 1 card picked up for the 1978 set and it came for $.23/shipped. This is my 151st card for that set.

These 9 cards from the 1977 set all came for a quarter or less shipped (as you already know). These cards put that set at 112 cards.

These 27 cards going to the Vintage Collection makes 282 cards picked up so far this year. The 2 White Sox cards up there make 202 picked up for the White Sox Collection so far this year.

This pick up for the Mike Schmidt collection comes to me at $.25/shipped. It is my 109th card of Schmidt and my 13th pick up so far this year.

I picked up this Todd Collins for the Michigan Collection for $.17/shipped. I'm always happy to pick Michigan cards up because they are hard to come across at the prices I pay. This is only the 9th card I've picked up in the almost 7 months so far this year.

Following up the Michigan collection card is another Wolverine that I have player collections of. I grabbed this for $.25/shipped. This is the 136th card of the Larkin Collection and my 27th card picked up so far this year.

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  1. First time I've seen that Dale Berra rookie card since my childhood. I remember thinking that card had a lot of value. Not sure why though. Maybe I liked the mustache.