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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

6 card Tuesday

I got 3 envelopes today with 6 cards. Although 4 of those were in one envelope. I grabbed 2 of the envelopes from the mail box and another came delivered to the door via UPS. I don't understand how people make money sending me cards that cost more then a stamp, let alone shipping UPS but whatever. I'm just glad someone is home when they come because who knows how long that small envelope will sit there unnoticed. Let's start with the 4 cards.

This seller had a ton of 1980 cards for sell and I didn't want to win a bunch of them because that would be expensive so I just bid on the White Sox cards that I needed. All these go towards the Vintage Collection and the White Sox Collection. The Sox team set is down to 6 cards. I paid a quarter/shipped for all of them.

I picked up this serial numbered (I know it's only a gold card) of Mark Buehrle. It came to me for $.20/shipped. It is the 191st card of his for that collection. I like the look of the gold cards in 2015.

Last but not least, I got this great deal. A Nik Stauskas autograph, #'d to /25, and I only paid $1.42/shipped. This is my first auto of his and I'm pumped to get it. I don't get very many player collection auto's or relics for under $3. This is only my 5th card of Stauskas.

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