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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

6 card Tuesday

I received some cards today, woo hoo. It seems like shipments have slowed down but that's alright. I'm sure it will pick up again. Apparently, it's the norm to get 6 cards on a Tuesday.

I picked up this 2016 Heritage of Danks for $.23/shipped. It doesn't put me much closer to finishing the team set, I still need 7 more cards.

I picked up these 2, I guessed on whether I had them or not because apparently I hadn't added this set to my want lists so I went back and did that. After cross checking my list with the cards I have, I came back with only needing 3 more after these 2 so that worked out well. I picked them both up for $.16/each/shipped.

I got these 2 Ripken's from the same seller as the Heritage up above. I picked up the 1992 Ultra for $.13/shipped and the 1996 Topps for $.25/shipped. These 2 make 27 Ripken cards picked up this year and puts that collection at 337 cards.

Even though he has struggled some this year, I like Timmy so I was happy to pick up this auto for $2.99/shipped. This card, along with the 3 other White Sox cards above, means I have picked up 208 cards for the White Sox collection so far this year.

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