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Monday, August 28, 2017

A 3 envelope Monday

I got 3 envelopes today, although one of them contained a card I had already won a week ago. Since I didn't have it in hand yet, it wasn't on my spreadsheets yet. The seller I bought it from turned around and relisted it again and I didn't catch it until I bid on it. Oh well. At least I didn't pay a fortune for it.

I'm going to start with the vintage package. I bid on a bunch of cards from the 1967 Topps set from a seller. Now, when I search for my collection, my parameters are under a quarter and free shipping. This guys listings came up and I bid on a bunch of them. I ended up winning 7 of them and he sent me an invoice that said $2/shipping on it. I went back and looked at his listings and while he did mark free shipping, he had it in his description that it was $.50 shipping and $.25 per card after that. I sent him an email and told him to either cancel the order or send me an invoice minus the shipping charges. Unlike the guy I had a couple of weeks ago, I don't think this one was intentional. I went back and looked at other listings of his and he does offer free shipping on some of his cards, mainly the higher dollar ones. So I just don't think he changed the shipping when he listed these cards. He responded by sending me a new invoice but he made a comment about losing money. I paid for them and then told him I would have been okay if he would have cancelled them, I understand mistakes happen and like I said, I don't think he was trying to pull a fast one. Anyways, I got his cards today.

These 7 cards from the 1967 Topps set are definitely a nice add to a set I don't get to add to much to often. I picked them all up for $.25/shipped/each and they only put that set at 34 cards completed. These 7 cards also put me at 300 cards picked up for the Vintage Collection so far this year.

I also picked up this 2017 Opening Day card for the team sets. I grabbed it for $.23/shipped. It brings the opening day set to needing 8 cards but I'm guessing it's not overly large to begin with because I don't think I've picked up to many of them.


  1. Nice vintage stuff, especially since you picked up another Tiger

  2. Great buy on the 67's but I hate that response. I recently had a Cubs Vineline that I had bought with free shipping come 95 cents due and got a similar response. Even though the seller probably didn't mean to be sarcastic it came off that way to me. Better for him to just take his loss and learn from it. No need to make me feel guilty about it. I like the name Dave Wickersham and his smile. Sounds more like a cricket player. I should look him up. Maybe I need to start a Dave Wickersham collection. OK, sorry for rambling.

    1. I've seemed to run into that a few times in the last month or so. I don't usually have that problem very often.