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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

From 5 to 2 to 1 card

I got a couple of cards in the mail today, I actually ordered and paid for 5 cards all at once from the same seller and then today, I received 2 of them in the mail. I don't know what's going on with that but I'll wait a few days and see if the rest come. Out of the 2, one of them I already had. Some days I just bid on vintage without checking, this must have been one of those days.

I picked up this for the 1979 set. I paid $.23/shipped for the vintage collection addition. It is my 330th card for that set which I'm slowly inching up to the half way point. This is also my 290th pick-up for the Vintage Collection this year.

In case you missed yesterday's post on Too Many Manninghams, I got these 3 cards over the weekend. Click the link to check out the details.


  1. Nice pickup. Where did you order from? I find it odd when sellers ship cards individually when ordered at the same time. I can understand somewhat if they were from two auctions that ended on different days, and paid at the same time but you would think they would try to save themselves, and ultimately you some postage. And yes I've done that thing of ordering a card I already had, sometimes I've done it more than once for the same card. Dang that one looks really familiar. often it is the thrill of the buying and the cheap price that get me. Plus not updating my collection over at Trading Card DataBase,

    1. Most of them are picked up on Ebay. Before I pay for anything, I look to see if I'm winning any more of their auctions that are ending soon. If I am, then I won't pay until they are finished. I figure I'm already getting them cheap, the least I can do is save them on those outrageous ebay/paypal fees.