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Friday, August 11, 2017

Lots of great cards today

I received 4 envelopes with 8 cards in them today. Busy day at the mailbox for me. Some great cards as well so let's get to it.

I picked up this 1993 Topps Gold version of Ozzie for a quarter shipped. I still need a ton for the gold version team set. If I recall, I didn't even look to see if I had it when I put the bid in, I just assumed I didn't.

I also picked up this 2005 Leaf from the same seller, also for a quarter shipped. This is my 110th card of Schmidt and my 14th picked up this year.

I actually bid on 3 of these and won all of them. The same seller had a 2 card lot and a single and I won both. I keep extra refractors so I wasn't worried about that though. Dennis, if you need one of these I'll drop it your way if you'd like. I won the single for $.22/shipped and the 2 card lot for $.48/shipped ($.24 per card). I only include one in my list of Funchess cards though so this card puts that collection at 20 cards now and is only my 3rd card of his picked up this year.

I picked up this Zach Putnam auto for the Michigan collection as well. I actually already have this card but I keep dupes of auto's and especially if they are numbered because they are technically different. I grabbed this for the minimum bid of $2.99/shipped. I'm pretty sure I have another one of these (a 3rd) only it's got a different serial number, a smaller amount of cards but I can't find any record of it. I'll look for it when I go to put this one away. It is my 10th pick-up for the Michigan collection this year.

I got this auto of Matt Davidson from the same seller as the Putnam above, also for $2.99/shipped. Davidson is a part of our rebuild and considering he is our HR leader right now, I'd say he's doing all right. He's still considered a rookie even though he had 32 games played previous to this season. This is actually my 3rd different autograph I've picked up.

I also picked up this single card from another seller for $2.99/shipped. He's a highly tauted rookie that we drafted. He just got sent back to the minors but I think it was more for some seasoning. He's another big part of this rebuild for the future so another one I was happy to pick up. These 3 cards put the White Sox pick-ups for this year at 211 cards.

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