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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sundays cards

Yeah, I forgot to get the mail yesterday. I really never left the house so I didn't think about it. It was one envelope from a seller that I've had an issue with. Awhile ago, I won an auction from him and he didn't want to ship the item because I won it so cheaply. He ended up sending it when I told him not to list it with free shipping or start the auction at a penny, it was his fault, not mine. I don't usually buy from that seller anymore but sometimes I bid on his stuff because my searches are set for under a quarter and free shipping, I usually just put my bid in and click submit before I realize who is selling it. I think it's BS how he lists his stuff now and I don't know if it's legit or not. At the top of the page, underneath the bid he has it listed as such:

That's the only thing I really look at when I'm bidding, I rarely look at the description. I bid on so many cards that I don't want to take the time to read each description. The top of the listing shows the shipping and condition and that's all I care about anyways. Ever since he had an issue with me winning cards so cheap, he puts this in his description.

I don't think he should be allowed to list it as free at the top, if he has these conditions in the description. I know his account name so usually I just don't bid on his stuff but like I said above, sometimes I bid before I realize he is the seller. That happened a week ago when I won this.

I picked this up for $.22, it's a refractor so I wasn't sure I would win it and when I realized I did and who the seller was, I was thinking great, I'm not getting it. I've won his stuff occasionally and he usually just cancels it because I refuse to pay for shipping. I wish he would just block me as a buyer so his stuff wouldn't show up in my feed. I was going to block him but I have to do that on every search and I have one for each player collection, plus a bunch for vintage and team and I didn't want to spend a day doing it.

He ended up listing a bunch of Sox autos and relics a week later and they were under my minimum so I bid on them anyways. There were about 5 or 6 of them so I was hoping to come away with at least 1 so I could get the card above. Well, I managed to win 2.

Technically, they are the same card but I don't mind dupes of relics or autos. It's nice that both relics are obviously different as well. I got the black relic piece for my max bid of $3 and the white relic piece for $1.77. These 2 Konerko's make 13 cards picked up this year and also bumped that collection up to 425 cards. When I went to look and see how many cards I had and to add these 2 cards to my sheets, I realized I already had this card. I clicked the link to see it and funny enough, it's also a different relic piece.

All 3 of those cards also make 214 cards picked up for the White Sox collection this year.


  1. Technically speaking, I don't think people are allowed to list something as having free shipping, but only if... It's either free or it isn't! If you thought it was worth your time, you could probably contact eBay and have them look into it.

    On a brighter note, if there aren't any more swatch colors on those Ultimate Star Konerko's, then you can now say that you've completed the rainbow :)

    1. That's what I figure, if he ever gives me trouble I don't think he has a leg to stand on and Ebay would side with me. I usually try to avoid him but sometimes I get going to fast. I don't ever pay him for shipping, either I get it free or he cancels the order.

      I like the completing a rainbow idea. I haven't seen any others so that's what I'm going with.

  2. Oh man... I'm glad I've never won one of this guy's auctions. I would be really upset if I won expecting to have free shipping and he ended up charging me for shipping. Even if he writes that in the description, that's very deceptive. Anyways... glad it worked out for you in the end and you were able to win the other auctions he listed.

    1. He's always cancelled the order or given it to me with the free shipping. I think he knows what he's doing is wrong so he never pushes the shipping once I say I'm not paying it.

  3. Ebay seems to bring the worst out of some people. I hope that seller gets kicked off the site. Thats bush league.

  4. I'm not sure if it was this seller but I've had the same problem. I had a back and forth with a seller from Finland about the meaning of the word "free". Ebay should really do something about this kind of listing.