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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Vintage, Sox and Player, oh my!

I've had a busy couple of days so I have a few cards to show. Thursday and Friday I spent at what will be my new job when my current job decides to release me and then yesterday we had a wedding out of town and didn't get back till late so there you go. I do have 3 envelopes to get caught up on, including the rest of the cards from the post a few days ago.

Both of these Astros vintage cards came from one seller and he would be the one that split my purchase between 2 shipments. As long as I get everything, I'm cool with that. I picked up both cards for $.23/shipped/each. The 1979 Andujar is my 331st from that set.

I picked this up as a single card from a seller I get stuff from all the time so it's rare to only get 1 card but it must have been a slow week from winning stuff. I picked up this Expos card for $.16/shipped. This card along with the 1977 above it makes 117 cards for that set.

The 3 vintage cards above make 293 cards picked up for the Vintage Collection so far this year.

I picked up this Frank Thomas from 2003 for $.25/shipped. I needed it for the team set but I'm still 11 cards short for it. This card is my 216th card picked up for the White Sox collection so far this year.

This picture doesn't do the shininess of this card justice. I picked up this Devin Funchess from 2015 Donruss (Panini) for $.21/shipped. This is my 21st card of the Funchess collection and the 4th card of his picked up this year.

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