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Monday, October 8, 2012

Ebay–Luis Aparicio collection

Here are some of my recent Ebay pickups that I’ve added to my Luis Aparicio collection.


2008 Topps Heritage Then & Now ($.75/shipped)

Nice insert, not sure what the correlation is with Orlando Cabrera is.  Too bad he at least wasn’t in his White Sox uniform.  I thought maybe they both came from Venezuela but OC is from Columbia.  If I hadn’t put the card away already, I might have actually taken the time to read the back and see why he is on it.


2011 Topps 60 years of Topps ($.50/shipped)

You know I love vintage, but this is the next best thing.  Reprinted vintage.


2012 Topps Heritage Then & Now ($.12)

Another Then & Now insert from Topps Heritage, this one is a lot cheaper at $.12 cents.


1973 Topps ($1.75/shipped)

I splurged a bit for this vintage card.  But it’s a 1973 and it’s vintage.  I still need to pick up another one for the 1973 Topps set.


1970 Topps ($1.40/shipped)

I splurged a bit for this vintage too.  Is it really splurging if you didn’t mind paying that much?  I found my weakness when you put vintage with a player collection.  I’m a sucker for that combination.


  1. Ah! I just pulled that 1970 Aparicio out of a 25-cent box this weekend hoping you still needed it. But it's already in your possession. Oh well. :-)