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Sunday, June 26, 2011

I like this card, and others

Wife and kids were gone, no one was home. So on my way home from work I decided to stop at a pawn shop that says they buy coins just to look in and see if they had any cards. I walked in and rather than waste my time browsing, I asked the guy behind the counter if they sell sports cards, he started to go on about how the prices had dropped, ect, ect. so they don’t buy them anymore. I looked at him and asked “so that’s a no?” He seemed kind of mad but I know about cards, and all I asked was whether they sell them or not. I don’t need a rundown on why he doesn’t buy them. It’s not like I walked in with a huge box of cards asking him to buy.

Anyway, I left and headed up the road to a place that buys and sells DVDs/games/CD’s. You know the kind of place. He has some cards there as well as comics and previously I’ve bought a 600 count box of 1970’s cards for $8 back when I sold on Ebay, made that money back easy. He was advertising a sale on comic books and when I asked about the boxes of cards he said they were on sale. They are normally $1 boxes but with the sell and nobody waiting on me at home, I figured I’d go through and see if there was anything. And there was.

First I’ll show the trade bait, all are available.


I picked up all these just because who can resist these vintage oddball(?) cards at the price. Stan Musial (1975 TCMA), Carl Yastrzemski and Joe Morgan (1977, not sure what they were cut off of), Hank Greenberg (1974, TCMA), Bob Feller (1975, TCMA (1954 Cleveland)), Tris Speaker (1977, TCMA (1920 Cleveland)), Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio (1977, TCMA), and Ty Cobb (1980, TCMA). Most are in really good condition which makes me wonder whether or not they are fake or something else, but I’m not sure why someone would fake these. Either way, they were cheap.


A couple more vintage, Thurman Munson (1976 Topps & 1978 ?), and the 1972 Dodgers rookies (Charlie Hough, Bob O’Brien, Mike Strahler) All 3 are available for trade.


And some more trade bait. I realize that these aren’t high dollar but I was surprised to see them in a $1 box, just because he’s not really a card dealer, I figured his prices would be higher than normal. Cory Aldridge, Adam Pettyjohn, Travis Hughes, David Espinosa (2002 Select Rookies & Prospects autograph’s), Chris Seddon (2007 Bowman Signs of the Future), Danny Peoples (1997 UD SP prospects autograph), William Bergolla (2004 Playoff Honors autograph #’d /1000) and a Carl Yastrzemski (2005 Upper Deck Classic Season game-used jersey)

But of course, they main reason I stopped was to boost my PC’s. So here they are.


I really liked the Hoyt Wilhelm (1967), and the Al Lopez (1960), both are 1st’s for those years. Both the 1975’s are mini and I’m not sure what the Luis Aparicio is. All it says on the back is his name, No. 6 of 33 photos, and T.C.G. So I have no idea of the year or make of the card. Just that it’s an Aparicio and it’s from Topps. So any help there would be appreciated.


A Sox rookie auto #’d /500 (Ryan Meaux) who I want to say isn’t even in the organization anymore but I’m not positive about that. I seem to remember him getting traded. A Shingo Takatsu jersey, who? Unless you’re a Sox fan, you probably don’t remember him. But he was a very effective closer, for a year anyways. I want to say he closed for us in 2004 and was our starter at closer in 2005 but was replaced, because he sucked. Eventually, we ended up with Bobby Jenks who took us to our World Championship that year. Sergio Santos autograph. Can never go wrong with a Michael Jordan card, even if it is a baseball one. A Tadahito Iguchi refractor. Who was a huge part of our 2005 World Series run at 2nd base. But was our #2 hitter, Scott Podsednik got on, a lot. And Iguchi moved him around the bases, a lot. We don’t win the WS that year without his bat. Jim Thome jersey, who is an all around nice guy. I always wish him well where ever he plays, even in Minnesota, except when they play us. And I can also use your help on the last card. Michael Jordan & Frank Thomas. I’m guessing it’s a 1991 as it has Thomas’ stats from 1990. And under Career Highlights for Jordan, it’s all basketball, and says led the Bulls to a 90/91 Championship, no mention of the other 5. I think it looks a lot like the 1986 fleer but it has no mention of a year or manufacturer on the back. So again, any help would be appreciated.

My favorite card, and if you didn’t notice, I didn’t say anything about it up there is this one.


Sergio Santos. If you’ll notice on this minor league card, he’s listed as a shortstop. He couldn’t make at short so he converted to a pitcher a few years back. And the White Sox are glad he did. He is currently our closer after Matt Thornton’s struggles earlier this season. In only his 2nd year in the big leagues, he has become our closer. I couldn’t believe when I saw this autograph in the $1 box. Love this card.

And I was able to pick up a few for my player collections.


A 1981 Donruss and a 1977 Topps of Tom Seaver. If I remember from back when I used to collect. Seaver has another 1981 Donruss card. Never could figure out why some player got 2 cards but I know I used to have both, as well as the 1977.


And a couple of Konerko’s to finish off this very long post. A HR Kings insert and a rookie card.

These were most of the cards purchased, but I actually purchased other Sox cards (Thomas, Mags, a couple of Fisk’s and a Baines) I also purchased all 5 of the Sammy Sosa rookies (I really didn’t want to, but they were Sox cards) and a couple of his 2nd/3rd year cards. So not pictured, I had another 13 cards. And what did I pay for all this card goodness? Got a guess? Anybody? Answer – Just over $20, $20 and some change to be exact.

So if you want some of the trade bait cards up there or you have some help for me on the couple of cards I was lost on, leave me a comment or email me (jccsst1022 at gmail dot com). Hopefully you stayed with my post long enough to read it all.


  1. I will take all those oddballs if you please? I'll see what I can find for you.

  2. Wow. Lots of goodies there.

    The Yaz and the Morgan are Hostess cards from the 1970s. They came three to a panel, which was placed under the Hostess cakes (creating staining issues). You'd have to cut the cards on the edges to make a single card.

    The DiMaggio, Cobb, etc. TCMA cards are from a late '70s issue from TCMA dedicated to players from respective decades ('50s, '60s, '30s, etc.) They're not fakes. I like the set a lot because I really wanted it when they came out when I was a kid.

    The Aparacio card is from a 30-or-so card set that came out with the 1969 Topps set. It's called Topps deckle edge because of the border. All of the cards were in black-and-white.

  3. I'd be interested in the Yaz yersey and the Hough RC. I'll shoot you an e-mail soon.

  4. @Ryan - They're yours. I'll set them aside for you. I assume you want all 9 cards in the first photo?

    @Nightowl - I wanted to say they were real but I wasn't sure I had even come across any before. I thought those were Hostess, I do remember having them as kids but didn't know for sure if that's what those were. Thanks for the help.

    @King - They are yours as well. I'll have to look and see if I still have your address. I tried to copy them all down so I think I have it. I'll let you know.

  5. AWWWWW MANNN!!!!! I needed that Yaz Hostess and got beat to claiming it.