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Friday, June 3, 2011

Ebay purchases

I had a white envelope kind of day. Been purchasing Sox cards on ebay for cheap. Been going through the free shipping listings which explains the white enveloped packages. I expected them so no big deal. If I had paid $2 or $3 to ship, then I would expect a bubble mailer. None of these cards were damaged during shipping and I got them real cheap.

We are going through a rough patch here at home, so I can’t spend much on cards right now. That would be the reason for lack of posts as well, been working a lot of overtime until we can get caught up. I still had some money in my paypal so I figured I’d pick up some cards for my collections. I haven’t bought packs in quite a while and have been itching too so let’s home this curbs that appetite.

Start with a couple vintage.

mlb-spence001 mlb-morales001

Bob Spence – 1971 Topps & Rich Morales – 1971 Topps


Alexei Ramirez – 2010 Topps Refractor


Paul Konerko – 2010 Bowman Chrome Refractor


Mark Buehrle – 2011 Bowman Blue #’d 481/500


Jason Stumm – 2000 Team Best Autograph

I know, a nobody, but I got it pretty cheap, I promise.


Paul Konerko – 1995 Upper Deck minors autographed.

Have no idea if it was really autographed by Paulie or not, haven’t taken the time to check yet. The seller said it was autographed in a minor league game. But for the price, I figured what the hell.

It wasn’t very impressive I know, there are other cards I purchased that I’m still waiting on but that’s what came today. It was my first venture on to ebay to see what I could add to my White Sox and Paul Konerko collection, cheaply. Total price you ask, $6.87/shipped. Here’s how it broke down.

  1. Bob Spence – 1971 Topps – $.99
  2. Rich Morales – 1971 Topps – $.99
  3. Alexei Ramirez – 2010 Topps Refractor – $1.00
  4. Paul Konerko – 2010 Topps Refractor – $1.04
  5. Mark Buehrle – 2011 Bowman Blue #’d 481/500 – $.99
  6. Jason Stumm – 2000 Team Best autograph – $.33
  7. Paul Konerko – 1995 UD Minors auto – $1.53

7 cards for an average of $.98/card shipped. Not too shabby. 2 vintage, 2 refractor, 1 numbered parallel, and 2 autos. 7 cards received and 7 more to come.

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  1. Nice little haul there. I love the cheap, free ship auctions.