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Monday, June 27, 2011

Contest winner

I got my winnings from Matthew over at “Number 5 Type Collection” for a contest he had in honor of Father’s day.  All you had to do was comment on the post of what your and your father’s favorite baseball team was.  For those that don’t know, my father was a die hard Cubs fan.  It was a great idea for a contest and I really enjoyed reading other comments, some with stories of their fathers.  Here was my comment.

My father was a die hard Cubs fan but he past away when I was 8 and so did his influence on me.

My whole neighborhood used to play sports in accordance to the season outside. During the summer's, we'd be playing baseball and everything would stop so the Cubs fan's could go watch the game on WGN. I never wanted to stop playing so I grew to hate the Cubs.

I stopped watching baseball all together after the strike in 1994. A few years later, when I started watching again, I grew to love the White Sox. And have ever since.

My mom tells me that one day I'm going to wake up and my dad is going to be standing at the foot of my bed, in full Cubs gear with a disappointing look on his face.

That’s pretty much the long and short of it.  I don’t, however, hate the Cubs anymore.  To me, they are just another team.  Most White Sox fans hate the Cubs, and I’ve gotten into this argument with Sox fans before, but if you don’t live in Chicago, you don’t really have the hatred for the Cubs.  I love to beat them, because as I’m not real far from Chicago (100 miles) so there are a crap load of Cubs fans here (including the majority of my family.)  I hate their stadium and I hate a lot of their obnoxious fans, but I don’t hold that against the team.  Personally, I feel sorry for their fans but that’s another story.

Sorry, I got sidetracked there.  Here’s the loot sent over from Matthew.  The prize was some cards from the teams in your comments.


All the Sox are cards are new to my collection and the Cubs cards are available for trade.  I really loved the prize, nice touch with all the vintage especially the 1955, which became my oldest White Sox card.  So, my question to you Matthew is, the 1972 Topps (NL Pitching Leaders) has Fergie Jenkins, so therefore is a Cubs card, but did you notice that Tom Seaver is on that card as well and did you know that he is a player I collect?  Whether you did or not, I loved the card.  As well as all the other vintage.  Everybody check out his blog over at “Number 5 Type Collection


  1. Nice loot. I have always loved the 1974 Topps manager cards with the coaches. I think they are the best manager cards of all time.

  2. Cool stuff, I was in a Yankees/Mets house and married into a Yankee family so I here it all the time. I can use that league leader with Seaver on it.

  3. Sorry Benny, Seaver is one of the few player collections I've started, so it's going in my PC. I think Matthew sent it for the Fergie Jenkins (Cubs) but it worked nicely into my Seaver collection.