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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Card Show #1

Went to our local card show this past weekend.  This was my first show in probably 20+ years so I was excited to go.  I didn’t have much money to spend so I planned on hitting the cheap boxes and boosting my White Sox collection.   I would love if my LCS actually had boxes like this but it sucks.  It’s actually located in this same mall and I still didn’t bother to stop in there.  Back when I was a kid, I used to go to this mall and it was packed solid with tables.  This time I walked in at the center of the mall and didn’t see a card table.  I went right and at the very end of the aisle/hall there was 1 table.  Now mind you, this mall is huge, not just a little run of the mill mall.  I stopped at the table and really was just shocked that there was only 1 table in the whole mall.  I went through his .50 box and pulled a bunch of vintage cards for myself.  Then walked around the other side of the table and found a .25 or 5/$1 box and went through it.  After pulling some more vintage, I realized some of the stuff I grabbed out of the .50 box was also in this box so I took them from the cheaper box and put back the dupes in the .50 box.  I ended up spending $10 there.

By then I had gotten a text from my wife who told me there were a lot more tables on the other side of the mall.  So I headed that way and there was definitely more tables.  Certainly not as many as back in the day but maybe another 10 or so more.  I started hitting their cheap boxes and ended up spending another $8.  So I left only spending $18 total which is around what I was going to purchase.  I did go through some of the jersey/auto cards hoping to find some Sox cards but didn’t really come across anything that jumped out at me.  I’m only an hour and a half from Chicago so I imagine the Sox and Cubs get picked through pretty quickly.  So I left with a bunch more Sox cards and quite a few vintage as well.  Here are some of the highlights.


Picked up some Buehrle (although now that I’m checking before I post, I don’t think that middle card is a Buehrle, oops) who is another one of my favorite Sox players as well as some Rockin’ Robin Ventura.


Carlton Fisk and Jack McDowell are also some favorites.  The McDowell is a rookie.  I realize none of these are worth big bucks, but since I’m just starting off my collection again, it’s great to see the cards I used to have in my hands again.

Stay tuned for post #2, I know you can’t contain yourself.

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