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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Trade with Potch Wheeler

Another trade package came earlier this week from “Potch Wheeler” and I was definitely impressed.  I sent him some Reds and Tigers and have even communicated some via email to find out he lived right here in my area for a few years and is coming back to Indiana soon.  Here are the highlights:


Love this set because it was the start of my collecting as a kid.  I think I started at the tail end of 1981 and 1982 was my first full year of collecting.  Those 2 sets in particular take me back to my childhood.  Not to mention Carlton Fisk who I’ve always been a big fan of.  These were great.


And you can never go wrong with any vintage.  I love vintage.


Why are you showing these cards?  Check out the players.  Joey Cora is now our bench coach.  Harold Baines is our 1st base coach.  Kenny Williams is our GM.  Ozzie Guillen is our manager.  And Greg Walker is our hitting coach.  I love that all these guys came through Chicago in their careers.  And of course, my collection is new so I needed them all, even thought there are millions upon million of all these cards.


Just a few more.  A Vintage feel, a Ventura feel, and a hometown feel.  My local minor league team used to be owned by the White Sox when they first started when I was a kid.  But they’ve sold out to the Arizona Diamondbacks since.  I don’t get out there as often as I would like but I do still enjoy the whole atmosphere.


And the big hit.  Paulie game-used bat.  My 2nd relic of Konerko but my 1st bat.  And he collects Konerko as well so this couldn’t have been easy to part with.

Definitely hook up with DW for a trade.  He will make it worth while.  Thanks for the great cards.

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