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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Photo Cleansing #4

We’ll start with a little NCAA football.
Has everyone seen the retro jerseys for the first night game in Ann Arbor this season.  They aren’t as bad as I initially thought they were going to be after the “leak”.  It’ll be better if it leads to a win for the maize and blue but all in all, I can tolerate the jersey for 1 game, I guess.
Just thought it was a cool schedule.  I see it as a big poster in my man cave, if I had one that is.
Next for some baseball.
Good ole Paul Konerko.  He has been on fire for the last few season after most of his years in Chicago have been spent cold as ice until June then heats up.  It seems he has gotten over that the last few seasons and came out of spring training ready to go.
Brent Lillibridge has also been on fire and has come from nowhere this year.  He’s still a supersub off the bench officially.  But his defense and surprising offense has put him in the starting line-up most days anymore.  A guy who has had 3 total home runs in his major league career coming into this year already has 7 this year.  And has been making defensive plays as well. One Chicago sports writer mentions how many saves he has this season, defensively.  How can Ozzie keep him on the bench, he can’t.  He’s had 88 at bats already this year.  His previous high was last year at 98 at bats.
Jackie Robinson sliding into Phil Rizzuto.  Have I mentioned how much I love vintage, oh wait, that was baseball cards.
I’m sure you’ve all heard about Gary Carter so I won’t go into it but he was a favorite of mine growing up.  I’m not sure where this came from, I assume a NY paper but I don’t know for sure, it probably isn’t because of the prayer line but I’ll guess it all the same.  Either way, I thought it was pretty cool.
And we’ll finish of with some NBA.
That’s just funny.
Larry Legend.  Also a favorite of mine growing up.  Probably the whole I live in Indiana, he’s from Indiana thing.  Been to his restaurant quite a few times down in Terre Haute.  It’s pretty cool.  And they have food too!
One thing I like about the whole who’s better discussion between Michael Jordan and LeBron James is all kinds of photo’s and video’s being thrown out on the web again.  I know they are out there, but I’m too lazy to go find them, I prefer they get posted on other sites for me to steal.  Much easier that way.
I remember most of these if not all of them.  I used to watch tons of Bulls games.  I probably watched 90% of them in their entirety back in the day.
Lots of highlights here.
I definitely remember this game.  This is what MJ was all about.  He was a competitor above anything else.

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