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Monday, June 20, 2011

Card Show #2

At the before mentioned Card show, I also stacked up on a bunch of Frank Thomas.  I actually put some Thomas cards back because there were stacks and stacks of them in the cheap boxes.  Here are the ones I did pick up though.


Some new, some old.  the 1992 topps is the insert of 60 years of Topps.  A few of these I haven’t had before but most I had.  Here’s some more Thomas cards.


“The Big Hurt” used to be one of my favorite Sox players until the latter of his career when he started wanting more money and he was spending half his seasons on the DL, then trashed talked after he left.  He has since apologized and is working with the Sox here and there.  I have no ill feelings towards him for the most part but when your idol leaves like that, you don’t ever forget.


I also picked up whatever oddball cards I could just because I figured they would be harder to come by.  Not to mention one is a Tom Seaver to add to that collection as well.

One more post to come.  Vintage and player collections left.


  1. Greg Luzinski was the father of my 3rd grade teacher. He was a pretty cool guy, signed my cards with stay in school and don't do drugs haha.

  2. I've heard of someone who always signed his auto's that way. Don't remember if it was him or not. I've also heard he was a good guy.

    BTW, I like your user name. I'll be in A2 for a couple of games this fall. GO BLUE!!!