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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Trade with 2 by 3 Heroes


I got some cards in the mail from Jeff who is a White Sox fan.  No, I didn’t send myself cards, but I bet I could send an awesome package to myself.  Jeff over at “2 by 3 Heroes” sent me a package of cards and he must have browsed my want lists because I need almost every one in the package.  If I remember correctly, there was only 1 card that I already had and that I had just received a day or two before so I can’t blame him on that one.  He sent all kinds of years of White Sox.  I needed all of the cards to the left.  Even the 1991 fleer as you’ll see that in one of my upcoming Completed Team Sets posts.  Jeff managed to complete 2 team sets for me.


All of these completed my 2012 Topps team set.  I don’t include update being they are numbered differently, therefore, their own sets.


He sent lots of 2012’s because he knew that I hadn’t bought any packs this year so I’m relying on the kindness of not so strangers for those needs.  And Jeff hooked me up there.

trade-2x3heroes01     trade-2x3heroes02

He even hit up a couple of my player collections with the above Paul Konerko and Tom Seaver.  I don’t trade much anymore because I only buy for my collections and don’t have much to send out.  But since Jeff is a fellow White Sox collector, I had a few duplicates laying around. 

Thanks Jeff and be sure to hit up “2 by 3 Heroes”.  His is better than my blog, he actually puts thoughts into his posts.  Mine has become almost a photo blog but at least all the photos are cards, right?

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  1. If those are the thoughts I write, can you imagine the crap in my head I keep to myself? (SHUDDER!)

    Enjoy those - batch #2 is in the process of building.