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Saturday, January 19, 2013

A first for me

As you can see by this post, I got a couple more packages in the mail today including the COMC one I was expecting.  But I was busy with Girl Scout stuff most of the day so by the time I got around to scanning, it took most of my evening.  So this post is just a quicky.  My cousin, who picks up cards for me, texted me and asked if I wanted this one.  It’s definitely more than I’ve paid for a single card in a long time, but I check COMC and ebay and neither source had it within $10 of what he was offering so I jumped on it.  I sent him $15 paypal and he sent me this.


My first Paul Konerko autograph in a Chicago White Sox uniform.  I have 2 other Konerko auto’s but one’s a Los Angeles Dodgers minor league auto (TTM) and the other is in his high school uniform.  I’m really pumped about this card.  He is by far my favorite player to put on a White Sox uniform so this card is by far my favorite.


  1. GREAT card! The Sox are my #2 team, and Paulie is by far my favorite player outside of San Diego. Great guy, great player.

  2. Nice pick up. This is one of my favorite auto sets around, I really enjoy the design.