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Monday, January 14, 2013

Completed Team Sets–1986 Topps


I needed one card to complete this set and I picked it up on COMC.  I had a crap load of 1986 Topps back then.  Junk wax or not, I was a kid and cards were still affordable so I’m not sure I’d call them junk.  Lots of memories in those years.


Can’t say much for the photography, but check out that logo.  I know, most don’t like it, but I do.


Tom Seaver and Carlton Fisk though.  2 Hall of Famers in this team set.


And probably a future Hall of Famer manager in Tony LaRussa.  A lot of future White Sox staff as well, Ozzie Guillen, Harold Baines, Greg Walker to name a few.  I never minded this set, maybe because of the memories but I don’t think it’s that horrible looking.  I prefer my cards with a team logo on the front but with the huge lettering at top, I can forgive the oversight.

If you can look at the oversight that I have 2 Reid Nichols cards in there.  Oops.


  1. You have two Reid's cuz that dude is totally HOF material.

    1. Yeah that must be it. He was my favorite player of all time. I loved to go to the ballpark and watch, um, what was his name again?

  2. This is too wild. Just yesterday I featured this exact set as the first complete set I had ever built as a kid. Seems like 1986 is getting alot of love right now

    1. Like I said in my post, I really liked it as a kid. I'm not sure how many people really love it, but it certainly has a lot of memories for me.