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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Trade with 2x3 Heroes, vintage style

If you missed the first part of this trade, check it out here.

You saw all the White Sox (and Tom Seaver) goodness that Jeff sent me yesterday.  But here is the meat of the package.


A healthy stack of 1987 Topps.  I love these cards, the last year I bought a crap load of packs.


A few 1986 Topps, another set that I bought a crap load of packs back in the day.


Some 1985 Topps, I remember how awesome I thought those USA cards were.  This was the first year that I really started buying a lot of packs.  I had collected earlier but this is the first year I remember saving money and buying my own packs and that was all I ever bought myself.


A bunch of 1984 Topps.  Hey look, Randy Johnson!  Oh, not that one.


A few 1983 Topps.  The more I get these 80’s sets again, the more I remember how much I liked them.


Some 1982 Topps.  If I ever get around to completing these 80’s set, I’ll probably be just as excited as I would be when I finish my 1973 Topps set.  There are just so many memories.


And some 1980 Topps.  I liked the use of the flag banners in this set.


And 1 1979 Topps to finish this post off.

I really enjoyed going through the 1980’s cards again, it always flashes me back to opening packs from those years. 

Great package Jeff, be sure to check him out at “2 by 3 Heroes” and set up a trade, it can even be a PWE trade, he’s cool like that.

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  1. I think I mentioned it to you, but I am pretty sure all those cards came from repacks, whether those dollar packs at the dollar store or other places. I am just glad to get those to you so you can complete your 80's Topps sets.