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Monday, January 21, 2013

Trade with 2x3 heroes

There’s a little story behind this package.  About a month ago, I received a postcard from the mailman saying that I needed to go to the post office the next day and pick up a package.  My postal worker is too damn lazy to walk it to my door when it won’t fit so she leaves these postcards and makes me go to the post office for it.  The next day, I head on down to the PO and ask for my package.  They can’t find it.  He gives me the number of another PO and tells me that sometimes the packages accidently end up back there.  I call them, nothing.  So basically it was lost.  I checked back a week later and still nothing.  I contacted Jeff and told him about it.  We were both pissed.  About a week ago, I got another postcard in the mail with Jeff’s name on it.  I go pick it up and it’s the original package he sent.  And the wonder why the post office is going out of business.  But let’s get down to it.


He sent a bunch of Allen & Ginter’s that I didn’t have.  I haven’t added these to my lists yet so I don’t know if he completed anymore team sets.  I know he did with his last package.


A couple of 2012’s, which I have a bunch of, but apparently, neither of these.


Some 2001’s I didn’t have.


And a couple of others Sox cards.  You can’t go wrong with a Frank Thomas.  Not sure what the Scratch off is, I haven’t taken the time to look into it yet.


Jeff even managed to hit my player collections, the Paul Konerko Collection with this A&G.


And I really liked both of these cards.  I’ve been looking at these for awhile but just haven’t taken the time to search them out on COMC or Ebay.

And this isn’t all.  Wait until you see what the majority of the box was in tomorrows post.

Be sure to check out Jeff’s blog over at “2 by 3 Heroes”.  I enjoy his posts, mainly because he’s a White Sox fan and he likes throwback jerseys.  And be sure to come back tomorrow to see what else Jeff sent my way.

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  1. That Crede card is a sweet one, I liked Joe a lot when he was on the Sox.