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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cheap Ebay

Just a quick post to show a few cheap Ebay pickups made last month.


Harold Baines – 1987 KayBee (paid $.30/shipped)

Just ran across this card and at only $.30, I couldn’t pass it up.  It goes to my White Sox Collection.


Tom Seaver/Johnny Bench – 1982 Donruss (paid $.26/shipped)

I actually think I picked this up for my Vintage Collection not realizing that it was Tom Seaver on it.  So it goes over to my Tom Seaver Collection.  Not sure if I’ve even seen this card before.


Ed Herrmann – 1975 Topps Mini (paid $.32/shipped)

I knew I didn’t have this since I only had a few mini’s from the 1975 set.  This goes to the White Sox Collection.

These posts will be kind of falling by the wayside because I don’t really use Ebay anymore.  I have been using COMC lately and I’ve just scanned my recent package of singles to complete a bunch of team sets.  I’ve already purchased more that are sitting in my cart or whatever it’s called until I ship them.  I like the $3 unlimited shipping they provide now.

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