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Saturday, February 25, 2017

1977 Topps day

Today, I'm going to catch up on the few envelopes I've received this week and then tomorrow I'll get together a post of the vintage cards that my cousin sent me. You'll get a bunch of vintage today as well. I've got 3 sellers to show today though so let's get to it. We'll start with the newer card.

I don't have to many cards of Todd Frazier because he's only been with the Sox for a year and the majority of my 2016 Sox cards are from flagship because Jeff (2x3 Heroes) sent those to me. I've picked up some others here and there but those are the majority of what I have. I believe I picked up another Frazier from 2016 Update earlier in the year. I picked up this one for $.25/shipped.

I picked up these 3 1977 Topps in a lot for $.45, which equals out to $.15/shipped. I put $.75 max bid since I needed all 3 so I was happy to get it at the price I did.

I picked up one of these at $.16/shipped and all the rest were anywhere between $.20/shipped and $.25/shipped. He had a ton more 1977's for sale, these are just the ones that I came away with for under a quarter. These 16 cards put that set at 88 cards which is good for 13% completed.

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