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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

2 Number 5's

Today, I got a couple of vastly different cards from the same seller, all in one envelope. Both great players in their day, one Hall of Famer but pretty different. Let's take a look.

I picked up this 1982 Topps of Tony Perez for the Vintage Collection. Oddly enough, this card doesn't look familiar at all and that is rare, especially for an 80's card. I grabbed this for a quarter/shipped.

I also grabbed this 1995 Classic Images Four Sport of Jalen Rose for the Michigan Collection. The background is very shiny and looks like it does in the picture, only shinier. I picked this up for $.22/shipped.

Are you trying to figure out the title of this post? Tony Perez was #24 wasn't he? He was, for most of his career but he was #5 in Boston. I didn't know either, I don't know why but Jalen's number stuck out to me and I took a chance on baseball-reference.com and sure enough, Perez was that year as well.


  1. You're right. I busted packs of 82T back in the day... and even own a complete set. Yet I don't recall that Perez. It's weird how certain cards can slip by you over the years.

    1. I probably had close to a set back then too and still, no clue if I've ever seen it. It always seems so weird when that happens.