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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Today's card from Canada

I got a few more envelopes today but I'm going to stick with the plan of finishing off what I got yesterday. All of these came from my Canadian seller. He holds my cards for a little while and ships a bunch at once. We'll start ourselves off with the Vintage Collection pick ups.

These 2 cards knock the 1987 Donruss set up to 230 cards which is just under 35% completed. These 2 cards came to me for $.11/shipped and $.16/shipped.

1992 Pinnacle

1995 Fleer Ultra

1996 Donruss

1993 Fleer Ultra
I also picked up these 4 Tim Raines cards for the White Sox Collection. Certainly can't complain about those pick-ups of the Hall of Famer. Maybe he'll wear a Sox cap. It might happen. I got the Pinnacle for $.06/shipped, the Ultra's for $.18/shipped and $.25/shipped and the Donruss for $.25/shipped.

I got this 1988 Fleer Tradition Promising Forecast card for $.16/shipped. It's not as shiny as the picture makes it look but it's still a cool card.

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