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Monday, February 6, 2017

8 cards and a story

I'm starting this week off right when I got 2 envelopes in the mail. One comes with a story, the other came with 8 cards. First off, all 8 cards that came in the envelope were towards the Vintage Collection.

This 1987 Topps of Doug Drabek came to me for $.11/shipped. This is my 693rd card of that set which puts it at 87.5% completed.

This 1987 Donruss of Ron Kittle came to be for $.12/shipped. This is my 228th card of that set which puts that at 34.55% completed.

This 1986 Donruss of Dusty Baker came to me for $.25/shipped. This is my 476th card of that set which put it at 72.12% completed.

These 1985 Topps of Danny Heep and Mike Norris came to me for $.12/each shipped. These 2 cards are my 703rd and 704th cards of that set which puts that at 88/89% completed.

These 2 1984 Topps of Tom Underwood and Ron Guidry came to me for a quarter/shipped and $.24/shipped. These 2 cards are my 261st and 262nd cards of that set which puts it at 33.08% completed.

This 1981 Donruss card of Mike Edwards came to me for $.12/shipped. This card is my 44th card of that set which puts it at 7.27% completed.

As you can tell, that seller had listed a bunch of 80's cards, this was just a small sampling, I got outbidded on most of them.

Now for the story. I won the following card and after not seeing it for a month, I sent a message to the seller which basically said I'd prefer the card but if not, a refund will do. He replied back saying he had the card and would ship it. I told him not to worry about feedback, as long as I get the card or a refund that I will leave positive feedback. Stuff happens. Been there, done that. Well, today I got the card in the mail, what was all the fuss about?

This 1992 O-Pee-Chee Premier for the Barry Larkin Collection came to me for a quarter/shipped. This is my 111th card of Barry Larkin. But wait, there's more. He felt bad for the delay and sent me some bonus cards. He sent me a 1992 Donruss of Larkin but I already had it and also a 1993 Upper Deck Rickey Henderson, which doesn't really go into my collections but he also sent this.

Nothing real exciting for most of you but it was a bonus Larkin for me as I didn't have it as well. This 1991 Leaf was my 112th card of the Barry Larkin Collection.

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