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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Base Sox

With all the autos and relics I've picked up lately, I've also picked up some regular cards for quarters as well.

I took a chance that I don't have this. I have almost 10,000 cards logged and it wasn't listed there but I have tons of cards that I don't have listed yet so I may have it. This is gold version so I took a shot. I picked it up for $.25/shipped

Again, took a shot. I didn't have this set listed in my team sets needs so I'm assuming I don't have any but like I said, I have a lot I don't have listed yet. I could just be screwing up what Bowman set this is because Bowman confuses the hell out of me with all their different numbered set in one. If I do have it, I'm only out $.25/shipped.

I also picked up this Snopek card on a guess. This card doesn't look familiar so I really don't think I have this one. It was also $.25/shipped.

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