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Thursday, June 14, 2018

I'm still awake

It's been a busy week at work and I've been very sleepy in the evenings so I haven't gotten anything up all week and I've received a ton of cards in the mail. Monday alone, I received 10 envelopes but it was only 5 different sellers. I'll explain when I get to those cards.

This will probably be the last day I post until next week because I will be camping all weekend as I do every Father's Day weekend.

I picked up this Sportflict of Ozzie Guillen for a whopping $.06/shipped. I remember how cool these cards were when they came out. They seem kind of uninspiring now.

I also picked up this Jim Abbott from the same seller, also for $.06/shipped. This is my 96th card in that player collection. I'm closing in on that century mark.

A couple of more White Sox cards I picked up but a little more modern are this Durham that I grabbed for $.06/shipped too, and

I picked this one up from the same seller as above for $.15/shipped. I recognize his name but that's about it, I would guess from cards alone.

I also picked this up from a 3rd seller. I got it for $2.25/shipped. It's got a stripe as well as being numbered but Mags stuff doesn't go really well anymore so I wasn't all that surprised to win it.

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