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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Merry (late) Christmas

Since I got no mail today and I had time to get this post up, here's a belated post.

I'm way late on this post but I got these cards before Christmas, which was fitting since he had them labeled as a Christmas gift. In my defense, I went to Florida on Christmas night and was there for just under a week. I have no excuse since then though. I know Dennis has sent a bunch of these out, that's what he does, he's very generous. I'm probably the last to say thanks, because I'm slow like that.


We'll start off with the White Sox collection cards. You know when Dennis is giving you cards, you gonna get some hits. I'm not talking about Dunn either, he was a flop. I recognize all 3 of the auto's which is always a good thing. I really like the Yolmer (Carlos) card because he still plays for us and I like him.

I don't about you all but I always receive cards of Larkin as well since we both collect him. He's a former Wolverine so why wouldn't we. I remember those SI posters, they were cool back in the day just because they were different. Now a days you get so much stuff in packs they aren't quite as exciting.

He also sent me a couple of a Tier 1 player which I don't get very often. They are both Rediscover Topps which I guess for collector's like us, they really aren't that big of a deal because there is a chance we already have them but I understand the concept.

Well you know I'm going to get some Wolverine cards. I definitely like seeing some Taco cards because I don't have very many of him, yet.

Last but definitely not least, an auto of Mike Hart, who would be my favorite former Wolverine. I have a bunch of his auto's but this one was new to me, even by sight it didn't look familiar. I like the looks, it's a sharp looking card.

As always, thank you Dennis. You can check out his stuff at Too Many Verlanders as well as Too Many Manninghams. Get in good with him, he's a great trader to have on your side.