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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Circus Cards

Get a quick post out here before I head to bed. I got a big show on Saturday and another one on Sunday so I probably won't get any posts in this weekend, unless there is a birthday and I'm a week behind.

These are all pick-ups from the Circus Specatular show a couple of weeks ago, so apparently I'm 2 weeks behind.

These first 2 I picked up from Jackson who is a friend of ours and was set up next to us so I looked through his cards while I was watching his tables so he could do some shopping. I grabbed these 2. Probably nothing I would have picked up at anybody else's table but I knew he'd give them to me cheap. There was a 3rd card but I ended up already having it. I ended up paying $5 for the 2 since the 3rd I already had.

I skimmed tables as I walked around. This guy told me everything was half off his tables so I grabbed this up, he had $5 on it which was a little high but $2.50 was just fine. It's actually my 5th autograph of his out of 26 cards.

I hit up another table that had college cards and they were in team order so you know I'm going to hit that. I didn't want to check my lists so I just grabbed some color stuff (I still ended up with dupes). I think all the dupes I grabbed, Dennis needed so that was good. I paid $10 for all the cards but I only ended up keeping the 7 so it was a little more than I wanted to pay but it was still a good deal.

One other table had a few Michigan cards and I scanned and grabbed this card and another but the other I already had but I asked what he could do for both and I basically paid for this card and the other one was free, which worked out since I already had it. I saw the Ronnie Bell on Dennis' site of the cracked ice with the yellow so I was happy to see this one and snatched it up. I paid $3 for it.

Remember at the last South Bend show where I said there was a breaker set up, he opened up a couple blasters of Stadium Club and gave us all the cards that he didn't want? Well at this show, he bought a jumbo box of 2024 Topps and gave us what he didn't keep for himself. With all the White Sox cards up there, that leaves me with only needing 1 more to complete the Series 1 team set. Luis Robert. I will look for it this weekend. As you can see, I also grabbed the Cronenworth and a Ripken insert and didn't pay a dime.

Kevin picked up this in a lot of cards he purchased. It's the Red Zone parallel. I have him $5 for it even though I probably wouldn't have had to but I also got all those 2024's so I just think of it as $5 for the lot.

That's everything I picked up at that show, I believe I have more sorting pick ups next, after a birthday post for tomorrow. See you on the flip side.

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