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Friday, February 23, 2024

Quick LCS pickups

I finished up some sorting this morning, I added 48 more cards total to my collections. 14 cards to my player collections, and 34 additional to my White Sox collection. Once I finished all those up, I ran to my LCS to drop off what I just finished sorting. I wanted to make sure I got more to sort for the weekend since we aren't doing a show.

You can say I brought home a few. It's all baseball and all from the Hollister's which means I should be able to find myself some stuff. I'll go ahead and start it after I finish this post. It's a quicky and I'm going to try to get another one out tomorrow since I should be home all day.

When I went to my LCS last weekend, I picked up a few cards out of his $3 box which he ended up just giving me, no charge.

The 2 autos were from the box. I grabbed the Pilkington just because he was a Sox and I figured I wouldn't be paying anything for it. The Grandal, while I'm not a huge fan of his, I am of those Black Chrome autographs. I would have paid $3 for that.

While I was there, we were talking about 2024 cards. I asked if anybody had given him any back yet and they hadn't. I told him I wanted to at least see some live instead of just photos so he grabbed a packed and opened it. Right on top was that Jose Rodriguez, which he gave me as well so that's my first 2024.

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