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Sunday, February 11, 2024

South Bend show pickups

As per my usual lately, I'm a week behind. It always seems like the days I have birthday posts to do is when I feel like doing a blog post and the days I don't, I don't. I just need to get in the habit of typing it out when I'm in the mood and then just waiting to post it until I don't have a birthday post.

We set up at the Plymouth show yesterday and had a very good show. It was busy all day long. I picked up a few things but like, I said, I'm a week behind so this is stuff that I got at the South Bend show last weekend.

Fred from work came to the show and picked me up a few things while he shopped the other tables. I needed both of these for the Sox collection. I wasn't sure about the Lillibridge because I knew I had a few of those gold sparkle from 2012 but I didn't have his.

He also grabbed these 2 cards for me. The Aidan is from this years Donruss set (which I just sorted on Friday) and the Mazi is from the Prizm draft. It is the Silver parallel. The Hutch gives me 46 of him (already 14 just this year) and my 3rd of Mazi.

There is a kid (the one who pulled the Ohtani autograph out of a Mega we sold him, if you remember that story). He usually comes over and gets bored and will buy a blaster. At the end of the show he will sometime buy a bunch of stuff that he breaks on his Whatnot channel but he bought some of the new Stadium Club. Being as he usually sells us the cards he doesn't want, he just came over and gave us a stack that he didn't feel like carrying home. I went through and found 4 for myself.

2 Sox PC's to start with. I like Vaughn shot although I'm glad there isn't a catcher there tagging him out with that foot way above home plate. It's my 98th card of Vaughn. Suprisingly, Cease is still with us, I don't expect that to last all the way through the season but he's still there now. This card of Dylan gives me 102 of him.

Jumping over to the Tier 3 PC, I picked up this card of Ripken. It's definitely a unique photo, I don't remember why he was riding on the car. I would assume retirement or last day or something. I know when he broke the streak he walked all the way around the stadium, I remember watching that game. This card gives me 982 of Cal who will probably be my 1st player collection with over 1000 cards this year.

I also got this Larkin card. I like seeing the dogs but not a fan of this photo for a baseball card. Maybe it's just me. This Barry gives me 753 of him.

Kevin also bought a 4 row box of commons and I just glanced through some of that. There was a bunch of White Sox together and I found all of these.

These are all the high number White Sox cards which completes the Heritage team set, minus the short prints of course.

Some kids were doing a trade up challenge and Kevin will usually trade with them when all they are wanting is cheaper stuff. The kid offered a few cards for a $10 card and this was included, which I grabbed for myself.

This Abreu relic is my 15th relic of him, and my 281st card of Jose.

Final cost for all of the cards in this post - $0. I spent nothing, now you know why I like working the shows and doing the sorting. Next post will be more sorting before I get to the stuff that I picked up yesterday. I actually paid for some of that.

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  1. I agree with you...I'm not as fond of the odd Stadium Club photos like "player walking dogs" as many are.


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