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Saturday, March 2, 2024

More sorting goodies

I went to post this and realized 2 posts ago was number 2,500. Yay me! 

Sluggo and I set up at the Shipshewana show today which was extremely busy. It's a pretty big show, the biggest one that we do on a regular basis. We have customers come up later in the day all the time and say, "I tried to get up to your table earlier, but it was packed." That's always a good thing. Today was no exception, great show. I only spent $15 but I'll get to those later as I'm still playing catch up.

These are the cards I picked up while sorting a couple of weeks ago. I have more sorting cards but I haven't logged them all in on my spread sheets yet. I got them on TCDB, just not my sheets. I will probably take care of that next weekend since I have another show tomorrow.

I grabbed 1 team card from sorting, it's not technically an MLB team card but I never really said MLB so I'm keeping it.

Obviously this is team USA from Stars & Stripes. This gives me 322 team cards which is way more than I thought I had.

Next up, White Sox collection.

This scan are all the young guys and a couple of older ones. I put the Sheets with Wake Forest in just in case I decide to PC him. That's also why I'm showing Crochet and Colas. The only way I'd PC Burger is if he came back to the Sox but I liked him when he was here. I was mad when they traded him. Plus, I showed the Scotty Pods who is intregal in the 2005 Championship plus Eddie Collins.

  • Gavin Sheets = 46 cards
  • Garrett Crochet = 37 cards
  • Jake Burger = 39 cards
  • Oscar Colas = 14 cards
  • Scott Podsednik = 34 cards
  • Eddie Collins = 6 cards

More White Sox cards but this batch are former Sox players who I have quite a few cards of.
  • Tim Anderson = 242 cards
  • Lucas Giolito = 158 cards
  • Jose Abreu = 285 cards
Next up are Tier 3 player's.

Both newer cards which since so many sets are doing that now, I'm constantly having to pick up even more of guys who haven't played in years.
  • Steve Carlton = 232 cards
  • Cal Ripken jr = 988 cards

A couple more Tier 3, at least the Strawberry is from his playing days.
  • Johnny Bench = 241 cards
  • Darryl Strawberry = 166 cards
Next up, Tier 2.

Always great to see more LueBob come in since he's about the only great player we had last year. Maybe somebody can step it up this year.
  • Luis Robert = 217 cards

Look how young Eloy looks. The last 2 from Tier 2. I thought I had the Larkin but apparently not.
  • Eloy Jimenez = 222 cards
  • Barry Larkin = 754 cards
Last but not least, some Tier 1 adds.

Always great to see new Konerko's as he's my favorite player. That Prism means he also has 500 more color parallels to get. That Boyhood Photos card is from Heritage Minors.

  • Paul Konerko = 767 cards
Next up is some trade cards but wait until you see the next sorting post. Since I didn't have a show last weekend, I did a lot of sorting and ended up with a lot to add to my PC's.

Until next time.

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